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# Born Day

Hey yaaaaa ! I've been waiting this day tooo much ! 04 October 1995 ;)
I would like to dedicate my Birth-day, specially to my mum. Because of her, im here, being a polite daughter, a good-manner girl, a succesfull student, being a best human :)

Without her sacrifice bringing me everywhere, anytime for 9months, i wont be here ;( 
This thankyou also for my Dady, because he taught, punish, canning me, till i can do everything. All of his doings before are affordable for todays. Now im realize, without them, i'm nothing in this great big world <3 

# feels like just yesterday im 6 y/o 
cycling tri-cycle bicyle, play at playground, crying when mum not around, 
laugh when got new toys.
Gahhh ! i really miss that moment ;(

# i dont realize, time pass away, and now im a tall 16y/o girl

Thanks mum n dad bcs u make me laugh, teaches me how to grooming, 
buys me everything, cheers me when i sad, 
and everything that COMPLETE ME TODAY ;)

#i love my FAMILY, my SWEETHEART <3

Thanks datang blog kite ! Love yaaa ;)